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About the Round Dog

The Round Dog is a fictional creature called a Shoon, that I thought was the best possible mascot to represent me, and Voice of Dog Productions. They come from a novel I've been working on, on and off, for more than a decade - and may publish someday, but today is not yet that day. When today is that day, you can bet there will be a link to it here somewhere.

Why did I pick this? The short answer is that it felt right. The long answer is that I wanted a way to merge my passions of Voice Over and 3D Art into something that would benefit my career - although the assertion that I am the anthropomorphic manifestation of one such round boy is a pretty good explanation too. Shoon are wholesome creatures, if a little odd and eccentric, and they love hugs and theoretical physics. While I don't claim to understand theoretical physics in the slightest, I do strive to meet that descriptor too - wholesome, if slightly odd.

The pictures of the Shoon that you see below are my artwork. Some of them were done in Blender, and the others were done later, in Maya, as I got better at 3D art. I'll be adding more to this collection as I make them. 

Thanks for checking this out, and for humoring me this far. If you're interested in the serious parts of this website, go check out my demo gallery! If you just like Shoon, you can stay here if you like! Or, feel free to reach out to me with questions, whether about spherical dogs, or Voice Over!

Studio Scene Test 5.jpg
Shoon Spotlight Scene Final Render 1.jpg
Shoon Camera 1.jpg
Shoon Camera 2.jpg
Shoon Camera 3.jpg
What's With the Round Dog?: Bio
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