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Voice Over with a Passion

Communication, Connection, and Commitment

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Welcome to Voice of Dog Productions!

If you've landed here, welcome!

Please browse this collection of audio demos and 3D renders at your leisure - and be sure to pet the round dogs.

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About Me

Voice of Dog Productions exists to serve your Voice Over needs, and provide bespoke Voice Over recordings from actor and producer Austin Vanfleet.

Here, we combine CommunicationConnection, and Commitment to create performances that will tell your story in the most compelling way possible. 

Those performances are, of course, recorded, on professional-grade audio equipment, in a professional studio.

They are then meticulously refined and edited, with an obsessive eye for detail and a dedicated commitment to quality, using professional audio repair and cleanup software.

The result is a real, raw, and genuine performance, inside a pristine, polished, and professional audio file. 

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Why Austin? And Why Voice of Dog?

While the second part of that question deserves its own section of the website, the question of "why me?" is a good one.

I am, at heart, a storyteller. My entire life, I have felt a compulsion and commitment to telling stories in an immersive and compelling way - whether that was me as a child, reenacting improvisatory epics with stuffed animal actors, or me as an adult, narrating an audiobook or voicing a commercial. 

That is why me. Because I believe every story has a reason to be told, and deserves to be told well, in a way that will convey its true meaning to a receptive audience. That is a commitment that I bring to every recording, no matter what. 

Your story is a beautiful thing, whether it is an answering machine message that makes customers feel valued, an explainer video that makes your audience feel informed and educated, or a fantasy audiobook, that fills listeners with wonder and awe. Your story is safe in my hands, and I promise I will bring it to life as best I possibly can.

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